Missions at NCC is about extending the good news of Jesus to others in a way that is meaningful and relevant to their own situation in life. We look for the most effective language available to tell people of God’s love for them in Jesus.


Keith and Celia Olson – OMF International

Keith and Celia were appointed as members to OMF International in June 2010 and have returned to Japan on July 1, 2011 to finish their two year compulsory language study. Afterwards, they hope to continue in many of the same ministries they were involved in as short term missionaries: local church ministry, evangelistic concerts, hospitality, and friendship.



Keith Hamilton – Alaska Christian College

ACC is a non-profit organization funded primarily by gifts from individuals, churches, corporations, and foundations. Donations support faculty and staff, programming, operations costs, and student scholarships. Through the generosity of supporters, ACC is able to provide quality educational training with a small staff to student ratio, individual care with one-on-one mentoring, and a safe, supportive environment in which students can grow in their faith.



Andy Larsen – Peace Catalyst International

Andy works as a consultant with many churches and non-profit groups seeking to understand the “other” and empower peacemaking initiatives. He uses his photography, relationship building, and growing network among Muslim, Christian, and advocacy groups to build bridges between divergent communities. Serving with Peace Catalyst International he also works to host “peace feasts,” multi-faith dialogue, accompaniment of the the vulnerable in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and just peace. He is a speaker, preacher, teacher, activist, photographer, and author. He currently is working on a documentary featuring peacemakers in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.



David and Edwina Perkins – CRU

The world’s future leaders are on the campus today. The rest of their lives will be dictated by what they come to believe during this formative time. For more than fifty years, our core competency has been to reach, train, and mobilize leaders for the cause of Christ.

The Campus Ministry is positioned today to be a significant force for change in the lives of students and faculty. 10 million people have had the chance to know God personally this past year. 119,000 people began a relationship with Christ for the first time for a lifetime! We are trusting God for more than 1 million followers of Jesus compelled to bring life to the world by 2020.(Acts 1:8)



Allan Folmar – Chaplain

King County Sheriff’s Office

Renton Police and Fire Department

KCFD #20 (Skyway and Bryn Mar) Fire Department



Pat Kelley – SIL

Pat was sent to Ecuador over 30 years ago with Wycliffe Bible Translators (now SIL) to teach the Waodani people of south eastern Ecuador to read and write in their newly developed written language.  Pat continues to advise Waodani leaders in spiritual and secular matters.