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Covid-19 Reopening at NCC

During this time of pandemic, we are especially grateful for the community of love in Christ at NCC. We have successfully transitioned to worship in our homes using Facebook Live streaming, and plan to continue livestreaming our services in the future. We enjoy fellowship together with Zoom video conferences for meetings, Bible studies, and a Sunday Coffee Hour after the worship service. We are living the reality that church is not a building, but the people--the living stones of our church. Even from a distance, we experience the love and fellowship of Christ.

Our Pastors and Elders lead the decisions around congregational safety and well-being. Early on they established a Health Team which has gathered information and established recommendations for our response to COVID-19. Its members have healthcare backgrounds and are committed to staying educated and updated on information as it develops to advise us accordingly. We are so thankful for them.

We acknowledge that information and understanding about COVID-19 is always evolving and comes from many sources which can contradict one another. We have all agreed that we will follow our state and county guidelines and have taken a conservative approach to reopening. We recognize the wide range of opinions, comfort-levels and risks represented in our congregation. We take all these things seriously and seek to serve our whole church to the best of our ability.

We are collecting household-specific information through our deacons and parish groups to determine who among us would like to return to our church building. Together, we plan to view the livestream of our Sunday service at 10:00 AM via Facebook while maintaining safe social distancing of six feet between households, wearing face protection, and other required measures. Prior to attending in person, each participant is required to view an educational video.

Clearly, many in our congregation should not participate in person and personal risk must betaken seriously. Please see the diagram below for more information. The options for children age 5 and up are: 1. To remain with their family as they view the service at NCC. 2. Have an adult household member sit with them during the children’s service. 3. Independently attend the children’s service so long as they are responsible to wear face protection and remain six feet apart from others. Children under 5 need to remain with their family at all times as no nursery is provided but are not required to wear face protection. As the pandemic, state and county requirements change, we will update our plan and hopefully be able to increase our interactions.

Sunday Worship Service: 10:00am • 12800 Coal Creek Parkway SE • Bellevue, WA 98006
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